Band Feature: Halo Tora



The Cottiers, a converted church in the heart of Glasgow’s West End, is a breath-taking venue. The stained glass windows and gothic architecture lend every performance a unique atmosphere. Tonight, that unique performance came from prog-rock band ‘Halo Tora’, who were holding a special evening of entertainment to play a combination of tunes from both their EP and their forthcoming album. Halo Tora have shown great promise through the release of their debut EP ‘When The Bones Shake’, which features three songs which will also be on their debut album.
We were first acquainted with the band when they supported ‘Jamie Lenman’ at his King Tuts show at the end of last year. We were very impressed with their skilled musicianship and creative song-writing, with intricate soundscapes punctured by massive riffs! We were so impressed by their performance we decided we definitely had to check their special show at the Cottiers.


The show was unique for a number of reasons. It lacked the usual madness of drunken Glasgow nightlife, we were surrounded by beautiful architecture in a wonderful venue, and we were all sat down. This created a different atmosphere to most shows, without the usual distractions and general pish of normal gigs, allowing the audience to focus on the bands and fully appreciate the performances. After two great sets from the support bands – the energetic and mathy ‘Dialects’ and the more laid back and atmospheric ‘This Silent Forest’ – Halo Tora took to the stage. Behind them was a projected video showing all sorts of different scenarios which matched the music and embellished the experience, allowing the performance to move beyond a mere audio spectacle. Their set was like one big piece of music, as each track flowed into the next, a constant wall of delicious sound. By this point in the evening one half of Captain Christ was thoroughly inebriated, and so this combined visual and audio experience was terrifically enjoyable. Occasionally focus would linger on the images behind the band, whether it was the shots of swirling traffic sweltering in the heat, or massive volcanic explosions hurling lava across the sky, only for attention to be wrenched back by the band suddenly playing a heavy section taken straight from the riff bag!

We left the venue that evening knowing we’d experienced something very special. We all shared in a wonderful evening of visual and audio magnificence. It was much more than a performance… it was an experience.


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